The Gasworks is pleased to welcome Micah van Dijk as the new manager.   He is a native Hamiltonian and brings over ten years of event planning experience to the position.   In 2005, Micah graduated from Redeemer University with a music degree.   After spending a couple years exploring careers as a professional musician, DJ, and radio host, Micah found his passion involved being more behind the scenes.  He began working in student development at Redeemer University, helping plan events that created a positive campus culture.   In 2013, he took a year to live in Scotland and complete a Masters of Popular Music Studies from the University of Glasgow.   Upon returning to Canada, he began managing artists, coordinating the entertainment at the Barton Village Festival, and speaking to youth about popular culture.   He is excited to help see the new Gasworks become a place where children and youth discover the arts in a positive and inclusive space.

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